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Twin Ring Motegi Circuit Japão



 Twin Ring Motegi Circuit Japão


The #WTCC took a family photo at the Motegi circuit of the 19 cars and drivers entered this weekend.

Front row: Lopez (Citroen), Monteiro (Honda), Catsburg (Lada), Bjork (Volvo).

Row 2: Tarquini (Lada), Girolami (Volvo), Muller (Citroen), Huff (Honda).

Row 3: Michelisz (Honda), Valente (Lada), Michigami (Honda), Bennani (Citroen).

Row 4: Coronel (Chevrolet), Ficza (Honda), Filippi (Chevrolet), Chilton (Citroen).

Row 5: Nagy (Honda), Demoustier (Citroen), Thompson (Chevrolet).



Jetlag is not the best thing... But there are always positives to be taken... A 5:30am run in the empty wet streets of Utsunomiya #workhardplayhard#postivesofjetlag #running

O jetlag é difícil de gerir... Mas tem o seu ponto positivo, são 05:30 e aqui vou eu dar uma corridinha pelas ruas de Utsunomiya!


Today's job helping my mechanics to unpack all stuff. #tyreman #teamspirit#wearefamily #tiagosworld18

Hoje foi dia de ajudar os meus mecânicos a tirar tudo do camião! Porque espírito de equipa é fundamental ✌🏻



 Foto de Tiago Monteiro.

Shakedown done here in Motegi. All set for tomorrow. We have Free Practice and Qualy. Now it´s time for some rest! #tiagosworld18

Shakedown feito aqui em Motegi. Tudo pronto para amanhã, temos treinos livres e qualificação. Agora é tempo para descansar.


LADA feel the heat in qualifying for the FIA WTCC Race of Japan

The heat and humidity that welcomed the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team as they arrived at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Japan for Round 17 and 18 of the FIA World Touring Car Championship did not relent as the hottest conditions of the year created new challenges for the team’s drivers.

With the track temperature at 54 degrees, the trio of Lada Vesta TC1 cars set out in Q1 hoping for enough speed to progress into Q2 for the twelve fastest cars having had reasonable pace through the day's earlier practice sessions.

Nicky Catsburg who had led the trio on the timesheets in two practice sessions was again quickest of the three in Q1, posting a time good enough for P7 to progress into Q2. Unfortunately, luck was not on the side of his teammates on this occasion particularly for Gabriele Tarquini as a mandatory weight check in the session by the stewards interrupted the Italian’s plans and prevented him from setting a time on new tyres at the end of the session as planned. The result - a place outside the TOP12 and no progression. Hugo Valente did not fare much better also just missing out having opted not to make the final run on new tyres.

Catsburg pushed hard in Q2 and was rewarded with P4/P7 starts for tomorrows two races (4th Septmeber) which pleased the Dutchman "It was seriously hot in the car, so much so that the gear shifter was burning my hand through the glove, the temperatures and humidity are extremely high. I am quite happy with the job today, a second row start in the Opening race is better than Argentina and we are still carrying quite a lot of ballast. I am hoping for some cooler conditions and good races tomorrow and maybe a lighter car for the next round in China".

Gabriele Tarquini " It was very hard. My plan was to go with new tyres at the end of Q1 but the weight check took longer than usual so I lost the chance of a third run. It is a shame as the car was really good with some changes we had made from free practice, tomorrow in dry conditions from where we start will be very hard".

Hugo Valente was left disappointed "We are a bit heavy in terms of success ballast but I did expect to be in Q2, in the end we didn’t do the third run as sitting in 6th spot with three minutes of the session to go you are safe, it was not expected that so many others would improve. In the end it was a mistake to stay in the pit".

Tomorrow’s two races take place at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit 4th September and can be watched live on Eurosport at 07.30 (CET) and 08.30 (CET).

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship since 2015 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 



 Foto de Tiago Monteiro.

Fui 4º na qualificação, melhor Honda por isso largo de 7º e 4º amanhã para as duas corridas. Vamos procurar pontos e pódios! Acompanhem em directo as duas corridas no Eurosport a partir das 06:30! #tiagosworld18 #honda#thepowerofdreams

4th in qualy and best Honda so tomorrow I will start 7th and 4th for the two races. I will look to get the most possible points with an eyey on the podium. Follow live on Eurosport tomorrow morning 06:30!


Double podium for me today! P3 x 2. Happy man! #tiagosworld18 #honda#thepowerofdreams

Duplo podium para mim hoje com dois 3ºs lugares. 💪🏻👊🏻💪🏻

Foto de Tiago Monteiro.



Os 80 quilos no seu Honda Civic não  impediu Tiago Monteiro de sair da sétima e quarta posição e conseguir  ir ao terceiro lugar do pódio.


LADA SPORT ROSNEFT made to fight for points in FIA WTCC Race of Japan

The hot Japanese weather spilled over to deliver heated racing for the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT WTCC team in today’s two races (4th September) as the Russian Manufacturer’s drivers were made to fight hard to salvage points in difficult conditions.

Catsburg starting the opening race in P4 found himself dropping into the pack after a sluggish start but emerged in P5 after a hard fought first lap which saw the Dutchman brave out a move around the outside of the Citroen of Tom Chilton. Behind, Tarquini made the better start of the three Lada Vesta TC1 cars to move forward to the cusp of the top ten. The team’s third driver Hugo Valente fared less well sustaining damage from contact with Gregoire Demoustier's Citroen forcing the French LADA SPORT ROSNEFT driver to retire from the race after just one lap.

Catsburg was in the thick of a battle for most of the race with the Volvo of Ted Bjork in front and the two factory Citroens of Jose Maria Lopez and Yvan Muller behind. As the race progressed Catsburg moved to pass Bjork only to find Lopez, who had not been able to pass the Lada to that point taking an opportunist chance and passing the Dutchman pushing him wide in the process and helping his teammate Muller to squeeze through at the same point.

Tarquini had made it into the TOP-10 and the points whilst an angry Catsburg brought his car home in P7 for points to maintain his Championship position.

Race 2, the Main Race saw much of the same. Catsburg fell back in the pack at the start, ceding his place to Tarquini who again made good progress from his grid position. The pair of Lada Vesta cars then became embroiled in a battle with James Thompson's Chevrolet for 10th. 11th and 12th positions in a race long tussle that eventually fell in the favor of the Lada pair, Gabriele taking 10th and the Championship point. Valente just behind after an equally battling race in P13.

Catsburg was far from happy despite taking the highest finish for the team in P7 "Not a very good weekend for me, I lost some pace at the start in both races, and the driving standards of some drivers today left much to be desired, I got pushed wide in both races. However, I had a good fight with James (Thompson) in the Main Race and finally overtook him. I was also struggling with the heat in the car. I think we could have gained more points today. Anyway, we can be happy with the progress we make compared to the previous season".

Gabriele Tarquini "I could overtake in both races but it was very hard. I was happy with the set-up and the race pace of Vesta. This race showed how important the starting position is. We must make a progress in qualifying. Yesterday we could have 6th or 7th position in qualifying but due to the lack of flying laps we finally got starting positions outside the TOP-10.  But the positive thing is that we won’t have a big ballast next round in China. I am still very optimistic, because the car is much better than in Argentina. I am very happy with the balance of my car. Now we have to find a very good set-up for Chinese round and I am sure we can fight for the podiums in the rest of the season".

Hugo Valente like Catsburg was less than pleased with some of the driving standards "I am disappointed with the Opening Race, I had to retire after Demoustier pushed me wide. I am looking forward to China. I guess we should have a good pace there, because we will have less ballast. It should be interesting for us, there are long straights that could be good for LADA Vesta. These two weekends in Argentina and Japan were really hard for me so I hope for better results in China".

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship since 2015 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 





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