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Qatar WTCC

Qatar WTCC




Volta à pista com os "patrões" da Honda! Aqui no Qatar última corrida do ano, vamos com tudo tentar trazer o Vice Campeonato 👊🏻🏆👊🏻 para 🇵🇹. Amanhã temos treinos livres, depois 6ª qualificação e as duas corridas!

Track walk with my Honda family! We are in Qatar🇶🇦 last race of the season, we will push hard to get the vice championship 👊🏻🏆👊🏻
We test tomorrow and then we qualify and we race on Friday! #wtcc #qatar#tiagosworld18 #honda #thepowerofdreams

Foto de Tiago Monteiro.





LADA SPORT ROSNEFT intends to score more in 2016 WTCC finale in Qatar

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT’s drivers will continue fighting for points to solidify their positions in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) standings as the curtain falls on the 2016 season at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar (24-25 November). 

Nick Catsburg of the Netherlands currently lies seventh in the Drivers’ Championship on 171 points and has every chance of finishing inside the top five, with only a five-point deficit to Mehdi Bennani in sixth and a nine-point shortfall to Rob Huff in P5. 

The ‘Flying Dutchman’ easily progressed into Q3 during the WTCC’s Qatar debut in 2015 and is surely capable of taking his ROSNEFT-liveried LADA Vesta TC1 to strong qualifying and race results at the end of a victorious season.

Italy’s Gabriele Tarquini and Frenchman Hugo Valente are currently ninth on 116 points and 11th on 78 points respectively as they travel to the Losail International Circuit, which is located 20km north of Qatar’s capital, Doha. 

The track, which has hosted a wide array of high profile motorsports since 2004, provided spectacular action for the 8000 World Touring Car fans who filled the grandstands and the 19million television viewers who tuned in to watch the sun set on the 2015 season. 

The FIA WTCC Race of Qatar will once again be held as day turns to an Arabian night, with the Opening Race at 21.20 and the Main Race at 22.35 local time. 

Live coverage will be presented by Eurosport and streamed on WTCC Premium TV on the official www.fiawtcc.com website.  

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship in 2015-2016 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 

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Última foto da família Honda em 2016📷
Amanhã duas últimas corridas do ano aqui no Qatar as 18:15 no Eurosport! Vamos👊🏻🇵🇹👊🏻

Last 2016 Honda family photo📷.
Tomorrow we race here in 🇶🇦 #honda#thepowerofdreams #tiagosworld18 #selfie #qatar#wtcc
a sentir-se determinado em Losail International Circuit.

P1 in Free Practice here in Qatar🇶🇦! Tomorrow we push to get the vice championship 👊🏻🏆

Fui o mais rápido hoje nos treinos livres aqui no Qatar🇶🇦! Amanhã é com tudo para trazer p Vice Campeonato para Portugal 👊🏻🇵🇹🏆👊🏻

Foto de Tiago Monteiro.









 A fantastic 1-2 for Honda Racing WTCC in free practice ahead of the FIA WTCC Race of Qatar with Tiago Monteiro fastest, Michelisz Norbert right behind and Rob Huff looking strong in P6. Qualifying and both races tomorrow.
Honda Racing WTCC


Acabámos agora a quali! Hoje ainda vou largar de 4º na primeira corrida e de 7º na segunda. Vamos dar tudo para fechar bem a época! As duas corridas hoje em directo no Eurosport a partir das 18:15 (Hora 🇵🇹)

It´s race day and I just finished qualy. I will start 4th for the first race and 7th for the second one. Let´s push! Races live later today in Eurosport! #tiagosworld18 #honda #thepowerofdreams



 Wish me luck for Qualy in a minute. #wtcc #Qatar


Na corrida de abertura.

Tiago fora da corrida ....


Tarquini em primeiro 









Na segunda corrida 

Depois de partir do 7º lugar e com um carro longe de estar nas melhores condiçõe ainda termina em  5º lugar e assim alcansar o terceiro posto do campeonato WTCC. Parabens.




Depois de ter abandonado na primeira corrida devido a um acidente os meus mecânicos fizeram um grande trabalho e conseguiram recuperar o carro para a segunda corrida, onde recuperei até 5º. Acabo em 3º no Campeonato do Mundo, estou orgulhoso do que junto com a minha equipa e segunda família Honda conseguimos obter. Para o ano há mais e quero ser Campeão do Mundo!

After a difficult first race my mechanics did a fantastic work to repair the car for race 2 and we did managed to take 5th. We finished 3rd in the FIA WTCC championship and I am proud of what we achieved together with my fantastic team and seconf family Honda Racing WTCC. Next year we will come for the World title!




LADA SPORT ROSNEFT bring the curtain down on WTCC participation with victory in Qatar

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT history in the FIA World Touring Car Championship stretches back to 2008-2009 when the Russian Manufacturer first entered the Worlds premier Touring Car championship with the LADA110 model. The evolution through the series has been astonishing, culminating, fittingly, in a deserved victory for the team, its Lada Vesta TC1 model and Gabriele Tarquini at the final round of the 2016 season at the Losail International Circuit, Qatar yesterday (25th November) to crown what has easily been the teams most successful year to date.

In a fitting way to bring the project to a conclusion the Italian former World Champion and veteran of over 200 WTCC starts converted his front row start into a commanding victory which saw the yellow Vesta stretching away for what was a comfortable and emotional victory.

“My Vesta was very good especially on the first few laps, said Tarquini. - Unfortunately, I was on the dirty part on the inside and was not able to do a very good start. However, on the first few corners I felt my car was working very good and probably better than Tom’s [Chilton]. On the restart, I got the chance. I was completely on the outside, he went a little too long and I used my chance, and this was key for the victory because on this track, especially with the sand around the kerbs, it’s very difficult to follow another car. After it was quite an easy race. My pace was very good and on a certain point, I got an eight-second advantage”.
‘I want to give this fantastic victory to all the guys in LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team who work day and night, and to all Russian fans! We had a great car and great potential. The team has grown a lot!”
The win was the third in the 2016 for the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team and the second for Tarquini in a memorable season, which will be the last for the Russian Manufacturer in the World Championship, choosing instead to build on the experience, gained in on the International stage to focus and develop national championships in the domestic Russian market.

LADA and ROSNEFT would like to extend warm thanks to the drivers, Gabriele Tarquini, Nicky Catsburg and Hugo Valente and to the team for what has been an outstanding season in the FIA WTCC.

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship in 2015-2016 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 


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