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Termas de Rio Hondo

Termas de Rio Hondo 

Qualy day! Let's go for it 💪🏻👊🏻💪🏻 ‪#‎tiagosworld18‬ ‪#‎honda‬‪#‎thepowerofdreams‬

Foto de Tiago Monteiro.


Good morning from 🇦🇷. It's race day and I want gold in race 1. Full attack 💪🏻👊🏻💪🏻 ‪#‎tiagosworld18‬ ‪#‎wegoforgold‬ ‪#‎honda‬ ‪#‎thepowerofdreams‬

Bom dia aqui da Argentina, é dia de corrida e quero lutar pela vitória. Vamos com tudo!





LADA SPORT ROSNEFT suffer an early exit in qualifying for the WTCC Race of Argentina

After the FIA WTCC season’s longest journey from Russia to Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina for the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team came the season’s shortest qualifying session today (6th August 2016) as all three of the Lada Vesta TC1 cars were eliminated after Q1 for the first time this season.

A combination of circumstances including 50kg of “success ballast” for the Rosneft backed cars and an uncharacteristically strong performance from the lighter Chevrolet Cruze’s pushed the Lada’s down the ranking and outside of the all-important Top -12. In the process creating a difficult prospect of race success tomorrow in rounds 15 and 16 of the FIA World Championship.

Best placed of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT trio was Hugo Valente (P13) who was unlucky to be edged out of Q2 in the final moments of the session. Next up was Nicky Catsburg (P14), who so far has had the best qualifying record in the team but struggled to get the desired pace from his Vesta sighting the need to overdrive the limits of the car to attempt to extract a time.

Gabriele Tarquini was the final of the three (P15) which was to be expected after an engine change was needed after a problem in Free Practice curtailed his running and put the experienced Italian on the back foot with the work to his Vesta being completed just moments before the start of the Qualifying session. The result for Gabriele being somewhat immaterial, as he will take a mandatory penalty for the Opening Race relegating him to the back of the grid in any event. This was additionally frustrating for Gabriele as his early FP1 pace had seen him running as high as p4 before being sidelined by his engine issues.

Despite the results from Qualifying the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team will race for maximum points in tomorrows (7th August 2016) Opening and Main races starting at 14.10 and 15.20 local time (CET less 5 hours) and can be watched LIVE on Eurosport or streamed via WTCC premium TV.

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship since 2015 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 






Honda Racing WTCC

 Foto de Tiago Monteiro.

Acabei em 4º nas duas corridas. Bons pontos para o campeonato, onde estou 2º. Fico com o sentimento que podia ter lutado pela vitória na 1ª corrida mas o arranque e a primeira curva não me correram bem. De qualquer forma foi um bom trabalho de todos!

P4 on both races. Good points for the championship which I am second. I have the feeling that a win was possible in race 1 but things went wrong to my side on the start. Still good efoort from all the Honda Racing WTCC boys! We keep pushing! ‪#‎honda‬ ‪#‎thepowerofdreams‬



Thanks to Jose Maria "Pechito" Lopez and Tom Chilton, the Citroën C-Elysée WTCC notched up two more victories to maintain its unbeaten record in Argentina. The results at Termas de Río Hondo extend Citroën's and Pechito's leads in the FIA WTCC standings. After a podium finish in the opening race, Yvan Muller is closing in on the runner-up spot.



LADA SPORT ROSNEFT left the FIA WTCC Race of Argentina  at Termas de Rio Hondo today (7th August 2016) empty handed and searching for the reason for a decrease in pace in a season that has delivered so much to date.

The remote Termas do Rio Hondo Autodromo has been a happy hunting ground for the team in past years with 2014 delivering their maiden podium finish and 2015 being the debut for the all new Lada Vesta model and going on to head the timesheets through practice on its racing debut.

The loss of pace was all the more unusual and unexplained given the good results achieved recently but demonstrates the level of an FIA World Championship where small margins in time will have bigger consequences and so it proved this weekend with the teams three Lada Vesta cars a small step back from the front running pace that saw the cars finish just out of the top ten.
Catsburg was the best placed of the teams drivers with a hard fought 13th (Opening race) and 12th place finishes (Main race) but failing to add to his World Championship points tally on this occasion 
“Actually I am quite happy because I think I am improving as a driver, my starts are getting really good and we improved the car a lot through the races. I think if I had started Main Race in say 5th position I could have held that pace so I am looking forward to Japan (the next round of the Championship) to try and recover the ground I lost this weekend”.

Gabriele Tarquini (P14 and P13) did not enjoy the best of his WTCC championship weekends having played catch up with his car following an untimely need for an engine change in Free Practice “I think we were better than our results really showed today, we had a bad qualifying and that put us to the back and from their its always hard. I think we probably had the pace for the top 10, ok not to fight for a podium this time but better than we showed”.

Hugo Valente was disappointed with two DNF’s to show for his weekend’s efforts, which included being the quickest of the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT drivers in qualifying “It was a frustrating weekend for me with being the quickest LADA in qualifying only a very small consolation. In the first race I was battling closely with Nicky having a nice battle but on lap 5 I had a loss of power and had to pit. In Main Race I hoped for better but a puncture (probably caused through contact with Demoustier’s Citroen) saw me once again have to retire from the race”.

The words of Victor Shapovalov summed up the team’s weekend “We really need to analyze this weekend in great detail. It is hard to understand exactly what it is, one thing or more that affects our pace. The track, the extra weight for sure and perhaps the top speed of others relative to the things that affected us amplified the difference in lap times. For sure we found some things as the weekend went on so we will take these forward and see how things are at the next tracks”.

The FIA WTCC now once again crosses continents leaving South America for Asia and the Race of Japan at Twin Ring Motegi on the 3/4th September 2016.

LADA SPORT ROSNEFT is a racing team, participating in the World Touring Car Championship since 2015 with specially designed LADA Vesta WTCC cars. The General Sponsor of the team is a global energy company Rosneft. Supporting the Russian team in the World Championship, Rosneft together with the leader of the Russian automotive industry – LADA – joined their efforts to promote Russian brands at the world markets. 












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